Which red bag should I get?


Which red bag should I get?

  1. Red epi petite bucket

  2. Pomme vernis houston

  3. Something else (please suggest)

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  1. I'm already dying to get a red bag for fall. I wear a lot of black and neutral colors, so I really want something that'll pop, but not too flashy. I want a shoulder bag that looks classy, sophisticated and is timeless. I think I've narrowed it down to the red epi petit bucket or a pomme vernis houston.

    I would appreciate any advice, I am early thirties and relatively petite/small framed.
  2. I think the red epi bucket is pretty and classy, and definitely not too flashy, like vernis for example. I am also petite and have a bucket PM and find it a perfect size and an overall cute bag.

    The pomme vernis is beautiful, too, but I think that is quite flashy... just IMO. :smile:
  3. It's unanimous for the epi bucket (5 votes so far)

    I started thinking, what about petit noe, is that more of a "younger" looking bag?
  4. Red epi riveira

  5. My vote goes to the Vernis Pomme Roxbury Drive.
  6. How about the red passy pm? Understated and classy.
  7. The passy sounds like a great choice.
  8. Petite bucket. It's a good bag and holds a lot. Plus it's not too flashy like Vernis. Though I like Houston's shape a lot more. I guess if you want to have that POW impact, then go for Pomme Vernis. Have fun!
  9. The bucket! I really like the shape and the color is so beautiful.
  10. I like the Epi Passy in Red. Love the pomme, but it might be considered flashy.
  11. bucket gets my vote.
  12. I've got the petit noe in red and it is a great bag but I feel it's quite casual.
    I've got my eye on the montaigne handbag (not the bowling style) in red. Now that looks a stunning bag and it can be hand held or carried on the shoulder with the long strap.
  13. I voted other - I think you should get a red epi speedy! I love mine!
  14. I have the red epi petite noe, too. It is a very casual bag. I guess it just depends on how you dress most of the time. The vernis is so yummy, but on the dressy side. I find my noe gets heavy on my shoulder, which is the only drawback I have. The red epi is a pretty red, not too orange-y. For everyday I vote for the red epi petite noe.
  15. Red Epi Speedy or Passy