Which red bag? I can't decide!

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Which red bag?

  1. BE fiamma red wtm midi

  2. Mulberry crimson spazzalato bayswater

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  1. Ok so atm I've got a fiamma red BE wtm midi bag. I love the lipstick red and when I use it I really like the bag, but it doesn't make me go wow. It's practical in the sense that I can carry it crossbody, on my shoulder etc though. Although the leather can be a tiny bit delicate.

    Pic of it brand new wtm midi fiamma red.jpg vs it now. The colour is kinda in between the two, but prob leans more towards latter one phpKDhY2IPM.jpg

    But now I've got my eye on the crimson spazzalato mulbery bayswater bag. I love the pillar box red and the style, but I've already got a black nvt one and I don't normally get two bags the same style. Also the leather can also be a bit delicate. It makes me go wow, but I'm not sure if it's very practical.

    [​IMG] crimson spaz bays.jpg

    I only want one red bag in my collection that I can use in rotation for work, uni and play. Do you think the bayswater is too smart or can be used casually too? Do you think the BE is too casual?

    Which one would you pick? Any help is much appreciated!

  2. I have a red BE in the same leather, and think that it will be less delicate than the Mulberry, personally. I love the Bays, too, but it is much more formal -- though the red color makes it a tad less so.

    If the BE doesn't make you go "wow," I would consider selling it and getting something that does make you go "wow."

    (I am of the mindset that if a purse doesn't thrill me, it's out the door!)

    PS: This is coming from a huge BE fan, especially of their reds. :smile: