Which Rebecca Minkoff would you keep?

  1. I can't own both of these bags. They are identical except one is a hobo and one is a satchel and the MA has the candy-cane red and white striped lining and the MA Hobo has an awesome purple and silver leopard lining.

    I have thought, and thought, and thought about it, and have finally decided that I must take a poll. You ladies helped me last time choose between the eggplant and wine MA's, please help me again!:upsidedown:
  2. Lets see...I say keep the style that you have the fewest of. Would that be the hobo?
  3. I actually only have one of the regular sized MA's and two hobos. sigh, im so indecisive!
  4. Hmmm, I'd say keep the Hobo and sell the the MA. THEN go and get that MA in Wine LOL...How's that? :graucho:;)
  5. Well, maybe keep the hobo as there seem to be many more colors of MA bags to choose from. But I wouldn't be surprised at all if you managed to keep both, lol!
  6. What color are they? Brown? The MA looks like a slightly richer, darker brown than the hobo. And I like the darker color better. (But it may be just the angles and lighting of the pics...)

    I tend to like the MAs more than the MA hobos. And judging from the photos, I don't think I like the leopard lining; I think the stripes of the MA are much more classic and go well with the bag. And you say that you only have one other regular-sized MA, or is this it? So if you sell it, you won't have one in your collection!

    So there you go! Keep the MA!! :yes:
  7. Argh. I feel panicky and nauseous! I just listed the MA. I dont know if I can go through with it but I can't have two almost identical bags! I feel queasy. Tonij is right, Im probably going to end up keeping both. Its incredible! I feel flushed, feverish, and very anxious! LMFAO! Has a bag ever made you feel that way?
  8. Almost ******** is how getting a beautiful new bag feels!
  9. I'd say you should keep both, especially since it's making you sick to sell one. They may be similar in color, but they really are very different. The hobo is much more casual and the satchel better for a more tailored look.
  10. Certain bags that I have sold have made me feel a bit nervous! Esp. when they did sell and I had to say my good-byes! LOL! I know, over a purse too! But I so understand the separation anxiety you are going through...

    I personally prefer the MA over the hobo style, esp, in that brown. But u know best....don't worry when u receive ur new RM purses, you will forget about the one that is no longer with you.
  11. I would keep the MA
  12. I say keep the MA. Not a huge fan of hobos.
  13. I'm a big fan of the MA but in that color the hobo seems to pop a little more for me. Plus the lining is adorable. So if I had to choose, I'd vote for the hobo. But it does does like you love them both, so if you feel that you can really swing it, keep both. While it might seem crazy to keep 2 bags of the same color, the satchel and hobo shapes each serve very different purposes and looks. Plus, you can never go wrong with a great brown bag, can you?!
  14. satchel. i love satchels though and don't really like hobos.
  15. I personally prefer hobo styles in general (I find them easier to carry than handheld bags), but between these two I prefer the satchel. The two seem comparable in size and I think the rectangular shape works better as a satchel.