Which reality-TV couple's split shocked you most?

  1. Neiman Marcus
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Which reality-TV couple's split shocked you most?

  1. Nick and Jessica

  2. Carmen and Dave

  3. Travis and Shanna

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  1. :sad: :crybaby:
  2. I vote nick & jess. While I was shocked, I think she deserved it.
  3. Travis and Shanna - I only realised today that they'd split! I thought it might happen one day, but not quite this soon.
  4. Honestly..I pick Travis & Shana...Carmen I don't think anyone can tame her & nick & jess well she was just too young & had some growing up to do. Travis & Shana seemed so good for each other on their reality show. They just had another kid I though all was well!
  5. Dave and Carmen seemed meant for each other.
  6. I predicted Nick & Jessica wouldn't last more than 5 years max. Carmen and Dave seemed like a very good match for each other, so that was most surprising for me. Travis & Shanna, meh, I'm surprised but not AS surprised. I'm waiting for Ashley Parker Angel and that chick (forgot her name, I don't like her attitude) to break up any day now.
  7. Carmen and Dave shocked me.
  8. yeah sorry but I don't like her, really don't :throwup:
  9. Nick and Jess for sure
  10. Ashley Park Angel is married?? I know he was going out w/ that girl, wasn't her name Jennifer, that had his child. She was a wacky broad!! She was so weird, I couldn't stand her on the show.
  11. nick and jessica...i really thought they'd make it. they reminded me (and everyone else i know) A LOT of my husband and i....and i love my husband more and more everyday.

    i truely believe reality TV played a huge part in killing all those marriages, but theirs most.
  12. Travis and Shanna. I thought they would last. They seemed so happy together.
  13. I agree, I watched their show and thought they were cool together
  14. Ditto.
  15. I know! I loved watching their show!:heart: They seemed totally in love and happy!:sad:
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