which quilted hobo do you guys like?

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  1. which of these bags do you guys like? i'm concerned that the ivory might get stained w/ color transfer since i wear a ton of jeans...

    denim hobo

    ivory hobo
  2. I like them both, but I like the ivory better :shame:
  3. Hi...since you wear a lot of jeans, I'd go for the denim...particularly because, in the long run (if it's a keeper), the denim should improve with wear, whereas the ivory will inevitably deteriorate and dinge. However, if you are only going to wear it for a short time, be daring and go with the ivory...especially if you like it better!.:idea:
  4. hmmm...if you wear a lot of jeans, what will you wear the denim hobo with? sorry, not a fan of denim with denim...

    anyway, i like the ivory better.
  5. Ivory for sure...:nuts:
  6. Ahhh hahh, quite right indeed, hadn't thought of that...too much denim & denim is bad. Most of my jeans are black and much darker washes, and the bag appears really light. Definitely not if you have lots of lighter wash jeans...besides, everybody seems to fancy the ivory...
  7. I like the ivory much better.
  8. ivory
  9. Ivory for me too!
  10. thanks guys :smile:. i think i'll stick w/ the ivory (i already ordered it from the Saks f&f sale). do you guys problems w/ color transfer from denim to light bags?
  11. I'm glad you decided on the Ivory. I have a white MJ multipocket hobo and I hate the color transfer. I guess you just can't avoid that on light color bags.
  13. I like the denim one-it is a not soft color denim-plus, i am just not a white/ivory bag person
  14. I like the ivory better. Do you have any other choices? I'm more of a tan kinda' gal.
  15. ^'xactly

    dang, this got bumped from a long time ago!
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