Which Quilted Bay Bag?????

  1. These are both on sale at Net-a-porter. Was wondering which one is favored and why? I don't need a ton of space, so that is not an issue. Thanks!!!

  2. I don't have a bay bag but I think both of these are pretty big. I like big bags though even though I am a smallish (5'5, 120 lb) person and don't carry much more than my wallet, sunnies, keys, cellie, and maybe some lipgloss.

    I like the color of the first one better but the shape of the second... I know not much help. I'm not sure if you already own other chloe bags but imo it's pretty hard to go wrong with ANY chloe bag.

    If I absolutely HAD to pick, I think I would go with #2 because I prefer the shape and the color is still beautiful. The shape for #1 is just odd for me but I tend to like wider not taller bags, kwim?
  3. The 2nd for sure....The colour is tunning and the shape should be perfect!
  4. if it makes any difference the straps on the second will fit easily over your shoulder...they're both beautiful, i don't think you can go wrong!
  5. BTW, for anyone who owns either of these bags, are they fairly lightweight?

    Thank you!
  6. I have the second one in ivory and I personally like the shape better than the first one, I compared them in store when I bought mine. The first one is quite tall and I thought it looked too big (I'm 5'7'') and like nycmom said the second one fits perfectly on shoulder. But anyhow, both are gorgeous :yes:
    I think my quilted bay weights pretty much same as my medium sized paddingtons, it might be even a hint lighter..?
  7. i also have the second (in black) and find it to be quite easy to carry and not too heavy at all (although i realize that's subjective...). nap has a great return policy though!
  8. The second one is beautiful!! Post modelling pics if you get it...
  9. I dont think you can go wrong with either of them but i actually like the first one slightly better.
  10. I just bought the second one in black - I think the proportions of the second looks better than the first; and as nycmom said, fits over the shoulder more comfortably - but do try it out in a store if you can to see which one looks better on you :yes:
  11. Definitely the second bag IMO. I like the color of the second bag because it's richer and warmer. The straps seem a bit better to fit over your shoulder... and the proportions are more to my liking on the second bag. But really, if you get either of the bags, you're one lucky lady! Good luck deciding and definitely post pics when you can.
  12. I like the sceond one best. I prefer the shape and colour. :yes:
  13. I prefer the second one best too. I think the first one is called the Bay Bowling bag, and I've always thought that you would probably have to carry it as a tote.

    Plus I like the colour of the second one best anyway, reminds me of Whiskey!
  14. :love: The second one!!!