Which Python Do I get??!!!

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  1. Im still stuck deciding which bag to get...I wanted the python flap bag F/W 06 in a gorgeous dark blue and now I saw it in silver for the new christmas collection...

    Which one do I get??? Help??!
  2. I think I'd go w/silver as it would match with more colorwise?
  3. Chanelobsessed - Is there anywhere I can see a picture of the blue python? I have a brown Python on the way, but I didn't know there was a blue option.
  4. I have seen the silver python - and its lovely- get the silver!!
  5. I haven't seen the silver IRL. I have the purple (see avatar) and it can make a statement with just about any outfit. I'd like to see the blue to see the color range. I'd just be worried the silver would be too silver KWIM?
  6. Has anyone seen the larger python flap bag? How big is it exactly and what is the price? Thanks
  7. Its the last bag ever...I found this blue one in a medium size...I wish I could find it in the small size but oh well its gorge...

    so this or the silver?

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  8. Gorgeous! Is it a clutch size? I'm interested in a python classic flap size which is taller.
  9. so this is better than the silver ??
  10. which color do you like it better?
  11. I looove the blue and I saw the silver in real life..thing is I hope the blue will look good too because I havent seen it its in another boutique theyll get it for me..usually the skin is dull and depressing but the silver was so elegant...I hope the blue will be too...and its in a medium size though...thats why am a bit confused
  12. Oh, so you haven't had the bag yet? I'm waiting for a large python silver flap from another boutique. It's supposed to be larger than the medium.
  14. I like the silver better
  15. i haven't seen the silver yet, so if you have a pic, please post it! :yes:
    i've only seen maxter's python bag irl and it is really gorgeous. the skin is really something.