which purses have softest leather??

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  1. :yes:
  2. Bottegas, Chanels:P
  3. from my collections... my balenciaga '04 has the softest leather. and also my bottega suede nappa leather
  4. Balenciaga without a doubt, oh my god, I'm like obssessed with the soft squishiness...now if only I could manage to save up for one of my own :crybaby:
  5. I don't know IRL, but from reading the posts on this forum, the Fendi Spy is very smooshable.
  6. Chanel calfskin of the ones I own, it's just yummie!
  7. So far this is the softest leather I've encountered. Yum! :love:
  8. I heard leather from the back end of an elephant was very soft ! :nuts:
  9. ^lol
    balenciagas for me, though my new lady braid is pretty darn soft too.
  10. From the non-suede leather bags in my collection; my BV is the softest, followed closely by my leather Chloes (Tiger hobo, two leather frame clutches [one appliqued and one beaded] and a coin purse).

    When I carry my Chloe Beaded Clutch, it is so soft that my fingers leave impressions in the leather.

    My Celine Poulbot's suede is also very thick and soft. :yes:

    BTW, did you manage to order your BV from NAP?

    ETA: Whoops, almost forgot. Although it is a structured bag, my Julien MacDonald for Intel Laptop Bag's Nappa leather is super-soft. It might even be as soft as my BV's.
  11. The Chloe Tekla bags...don't own one but I feel them up whenever I see them. Chanel lambskin too.
  12. I keep hearing the Turnlock line from MBMJ is incredibly soft and smooshy...
  13. BV nappa
  14. Donna Karan bags are nice and smooshy too.
  15. My MJ Sophia bag has become extremely soft and squishy from use. It didn't start out as soft, but the more I used it, the softer it became. I expect that to happen to my indigo Stella as well, haven't used that one as much cause it's a pretty large bag for me.
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