Which purse?

  1. Mmmm First!
  2. first, but the second is cute too.
  3. I like the second.
  4. I say first because I'm not a big fan of butterflies
  5. I like the 1st but the strap on the 3rd one is shorter and more my style.
  6. 1st
  7. 3rd. It just seems more sophisticated and the hemp color will be great for spring.
  8. I like the third one!
  9. I like the first one the best
  10. the first one! no doubt! but i prefer the one on the back with matching leather on the bag and the strap!
  11. The first link, definitely. It just seems like it would be more comfortable to carry and hold more items.
  12. I like the 2nd one!
  13. Cute bags especially No: 1.
  14. The first one in green