Which purse would match my LV wallet?

  1. I'm looking for a LV purse to match my wallet on the left. Which midsize to large purse would you recommend?​

    Also, how can I best clean stains on the fabric?​

  2. em, what about the mini lin speedy? x
  3. Mini Lin Speedy in Dune maybe a nice choice.
  4. I agree a Mini Lin Speedy would look nice. Or a Damier Azur Speedy.
  5. Mini lin speedy in ebene :smile:
  6. Maybe something in blue denim?
  7. This bag is available on Let-trade for $359.99. Is it the same color?

  8. I would recommend a Monogram Mini Josephine PM.
  9. me too.
  10. Me 3
  11. Thanks everyone for your input so far!

    I'm not a big fan of the speedy. I prefer a Monogram Mini shoulder purse or messenger bag.

    Thanks John5, kaye, and louislovesfendi818 for suggesting the Josephine PM...I'm looking into it :smile:

    I would also consider the blue denim...garf13ld

  12. me too ;)
  13. I am a big mono mini fan and my favorite bag of all time is my mono mini navy Lucille GM. Keep your eyes open on eBay, reputable sellers do post mono mini navy bags (like the Josephine or Lucille) - just make sure to always authenticate!

    I've also found that magic eraser works great on the minor dirt marks on mono mini. I have the same navy billfold, and magic eraser worked great on it. Make sure to test in an inconspicuous area first though, just to be sure!
  14. i would also suggest the josephine or lucille :smile:
  15. I would get a mini lin dune.