Which purse would match my Dior wallet?

  1. I'm looking for a matching purse for my Dior wallet on the right. It would be nice to get a black one with embroidered flowers on it, but it's really hard to find! ​

  2. your black wallet looks like it'd go well with a black diorissimo bag. or the black street chic or even the admit it/addict bags. i think it's versatile enough to go with anything really, and even the black lady dior tote would go well with it.

    here are pictures of the bags i mentioned:

    street chic bag

    diorissimo tote

    d dior tote

    (pictures courtesy of rakuten.co.jp)

    admit it/addict bag
    (photo from eBay user luxurytrends92626)

    i hope that helps some. ;)
  3. you are awesome zerodross! you got me pics and everything :smile: thanks!
  4. :yes: aaaww that saddle would look gorgeous with your wallet dizzie ! :nuts:
  5. ^ i'm not dead sure about the authenticity of that saddle (hence i didn't post up the link), the dust bag is definitely throwing me off there because the "dior" ones are in grey as far as i know (and do not vary as much as the older ones with "christian dior" on them).

    if you do decide to get that gorgeous saddle, please do ask for a good clear picture of the interior tag just to make sure that everything is fine. ;)
  6. thats soo sweet of you to include pics too!
  7. i like the diorissimo tote
  8. :yes::yes:
    i think the diorissimo is a perfect everyday bag and surprisingly the monogram on it isn't too in-your-face even though it's plastered throughout the body of the bag. (or maybe i've just become immune to it. hah)
  9. Any idea where I might find the D Dior tote for sale? I have that exact tote in dark brown but would love to also buy the shorter version in black. :smile:
  10. it's closest match is the diorissimo tote
  11. Thanks everyone for your input so far!

    The saddle is GORGEOUS, but it's too small for me. I hear it can only fit just your wallet and keys...

    I'm looking for a midsize to large black Dior Logo purse. Right now, I am very interested in the Diorissimo Tote!

  12. hey glamourgirlpink,
    i'm not too sure if the d diors are still available in the boutiques, but try ringing one up to ask. the website which i got those photos from is a japanese website and they ship/sell only within japan (although i know there's an online concierge service - celga, which helps people who don't speak japanese/aren't in japan to order from japanese websites).

    failing which, the other option is ebay because it's the only place i've seen those black d dior totes selling on. i'm not sure if the outlets received them, but you might want to try giving them a ring just in case since the d diors were release some time back (i think).

    good luck with the search, if i stumble on one on ebay, i'll drop you a PM. ;)
  13. aww would look gorgeous
  14. by the way dizziedaze,
    the diorissimos come in a hobo version (i think babydoll chanel's posted a thread on her hot pink diorissimo hobo). there's a small pochette version too, but i reckon it might be too small.

    hopefully May or Justinleaddict will drop by this thread, they always have fantastic ideas about recommending bags and they both have a encyclopedia-esque knowledge of all those dior lines. :yes: