Which Purse with my Azur Speedy 30?

  1. I bought a Damier Azur Speedy 30 yesterday and I'm going to buy a LV purse. But I don't know which one. I love the Koala Damier with the red inside but it's so expensive for a purse. I mean, I could buy another Speedy with that money.

    Which one would you buy?

    Sorry for my English, I'm Swiss;)
  2. I think you mean a wallet since you mentioned the koala?? If so, I recommend a vernis style wallet like the zippie. I consider the speedy 30 a purse so I'm confused.
  3. Well here we call a 'purse' a handbag. A purse here would be those wallets like the zippy's I think thats what she meant.
  4. Yeah, I mean a wallet, sorry. How can I change this in the title and in my post?
  5. You can not change the title.

    I have a mono koala and I love it.
  6. welcome to the Purse Forum :yahoo:i would recommend any vernis pomme wallet! or vernis wallets in general.. they look stunning with azur.. specially the pomme!! here is a pic of my azur mini pochette with my ludlow pomme wallet :biggrin: hope it helps!

    p2.jpg P1.jpg
  7. Yeah the Koala is realy beautiful....but its too expensive...

    Here is my little growing collection:



  8. I would go with the Pomme Ludlow.
  9. Oh get the Damier Koala! It's beautiful with the shiny slide lock and gorgeous red cross-grain leather interior. Not to mention the beautiful craftmanship that goes into each of these lovely purses. You will love it! :heart:

    Welcome to tPF! :flowers:
  10. Thank you! I'm in love with this forum :heart:
  11. @ vanilla_addict: How does the left wallet look in the inside?