Which purse to wear tonight?

  1. Pink chanel pst or LV pochette?!?

    DH and I are going to a nice Italian restaurant for dinner, and it has a cozy, family-type of atmosphere. Not too formal. I'll probably wear a black sweater, a dressy pair of Seven jeans and black louboutin pumps. I'm leaning towards the pink pst, but was wondering if it's too much "springtime." Is a pst is formal enough for a nice dinner? I don't have a black chanel yet!! The LV pochette is my next option.

  2. I saw a woman the other day at a nice Italian restaurant with her husband & kids.. carrying a black GST. I think PST/GST is ok for the place you're going to!
  3. I agree....the PST would look lovely. Besides it's ok to be a little festive today - it is Valentine's Day!! :yes:
  4. I think that would be fine :smile: Besides..the pink would be nice and festive since it's Valentine's Day..Have fun!
  5. I'd pick the LV...
  6. I'd say pink PST---totally V-day appropriate!
  7. I would pick pink also. I'm wearing pink today; instead of red. I like pink alot better.
  8. pink! its Valentine's!
  9. I agree! I'd normally say the pouchette but definitely go pink for Valentines day!!
  10. I think the pink PST would be adorable and so fitting for today! :love: :girlsigh:
  11. Thanks everyone! Happy :heart: Day!
  12. pst!
  13. Pink pst-- Which Italian restaurant are you dining at?
  14. We're going to either Maggiano's or Zia's Trattoria. Ended up not going to dinner tonight because DH had to work late, and I had to take my little girl to the dentist. So my pink pst will be getting some love during the weekend instead!
  15. That's okay, you can look forward to doing something this weekend with the pst-- Restaurants are so busy on :heart:'s Day-- Maggiano's has long waits on regular days let alone today. I've never been to Zia's. We tried Bice's a few weeks ago--so much hipe in that restaurant-- it was good.