Which Purse To Pick?

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  1. Alright ladies, I'm moving to FRANCE in just six weeks!
    I've met my goal and lost 10 pounds for the event, and now I'm getting my reward. I want to pick a purse for my flight there. I want it to be roomy, comfy, and bright. I've narrowed it down to three choices, all of which are in my price range ($0 -$500-ish), so I'd really appreciate your input! Of course, if you have another suggestion, I'm always open to that too. So far, I'm stuck between:

    The Marc by Marc Jacobs Airliner Captain Bag in Turquoise

    The Hayden Harnett Havana Hobo in Lagoon:

    And the Botkier Sasha Mini Duffle in Pink:

    What do you ladies think?
  2. WOW! Great choices....and the colors are all so divine!

    I'm going to have to say the Marc Jacobs.... it's so classy and the blue color is TDF.
  3. They're all nice, but I like the HH the best.
  4. 1- Marc Jacobs
    2- Botkier

    Both colors are TDF! Congrats! And enjoy your move to France! What a great opportunity!
  5. The Marc Jacobs looks like the most practical with the longer strap but I like the hot pink number from Botkier-she looks sassy. Remember to pick a bag that purse snatchers or pick pockets can't get into (this happened to one of my friends in college during a summer in Paris). What a great way to reward yourself!
  6. wow...i love all of these. it really is hard to choose i bet! i love the M by MJ the best probably....but that pink is fabulous as well. can't go wrong with any of these! congrats on losing 10 lbs too! :woohoo:
  7. All three are cute! Hmmm, if I had to choose I'm going to say the Hayden Harnett - what a pretty bag.

  8. sorry ....but don't like the 3 choices
  9. I like the MBMJ best for you b/c of all those outside pockets. Your passport, boarding pass, etc. would all be at your fingertips!
  10. the MBMJ so cute
  11. I like them all but would go with the MArc Jacobs, or the HH. The Botkier's dimensions are too long and too short IMO.
  12. I'm gonna be different and say the botkier, I really like this style, and it seems travel-y to me. :smile:
  13. marc by marc!
  14. MJ definately gets my vote!
  15. Ditto! I was thinking the same w/ the pockets!