Which purse to keep!?!? HELP!!!

  1. Okay... I have a feeling there is going to be some bias going on here ;) BUT I have to get some opinions because I am going NUTS!! :wtf: I am only keeping one of these bags...

    Medium khaki/camel duffle and matching wallet
    Medium khaki/saddle carly

    I won't keep both for $$ reasons & they are too similar.
    I love the duffle because it is cute, light, casual and easy to get in/out of and the matching wallet I like a lot and it would match other bags too. The carly I love because it is a carly :nuts: and I love the saddle and hardware.. the slouch is nice but kind of bugs me and looks a little sloppy I think at times.

    The duffle AND wallet was $200 together the carly was obviously $350. The ones I don't keep I will sell... I just can't decide!!! One minute I think I am convinced to go one way and the next minute I do a total turn around.. which do you think is better on Me? Thanks so much!! :tup:

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  3. If I was in the same situation, I'd keep the medium khaki/camel duffle and matching wallet because that price is a steal for two items and it may not sell as well as the Carly.

    I like the Carly, but if the slouch already annoys you a little, forget it. Keep the one with no annoyances.
  4. (Aww....the owl keyfob looks adorable on your Carly! Oh...and I think BOTH purses look great on you.)
  5. I'd keep the carly
  6. Thanks for the input :tup: It's just such a hard decision... I actually listed the duffle and wallet last night and now I am not so sure :rolleyes: I actually would maybe make a little money on the wallet and duffle but the carly I would lose a little.. but I am TRYING lol not to base it all on money, more one what's best and what looks best on me.. uggh!!! :confused1:
  7. Make the decision that you will be happy with when you look at the bag - when you're walking down the street with it do you want to think, "Eh, the bag isn't so great, but I only paid $200 bucks for it!" That's $200 wasted bucks in my opinion. I'd be much happier thinking, "Wow, I love this bag!" because you really won't be thinking about that money months down the road. We buy bags to enjoy them, not to sit there and look at something that we don't like for $200. I like the Carly much better - too many people carry the regular signature items.
  8. HI! You know which one I am going to tell you I like! I like the duffle and the wallet! BOTH bags look GORGEOUS on you (a paper bag would be beautiful on you!!!), but I prefer the duffle. Let me know what you decide!!! Good luck!
  9. Yeah, that has been what I have been *trying* to do but I like them both a lot, for different reasons... the money all aside I still have no clue! :rolleyes: I think I prefer the carly a bit better, but there are things I like better about the duffle too... uggh decisions!!! lol It's also funny about too many people carrying siggy because when I just went to Vegas I saw my same carly 4 times in 2 stores!!! :wtf:

  10. Thank you :tup: I will let you know, you know that!!! ;)
  11. I see the Carly out and about and love the look of it! That said, I really like that duffle on you. It hangs really nicely, and then you have the wallet that goes with it! I'd say those 2 edge out the Carly by a small margin, but I like them both.:yes:
  12. Keep the duffle and wallet.
  13. thanks for the opinions, keep em' coming!!! :tup:
  14. I think the Carly looks fantastic on you and that's the one I'd keep. They both look great but the Carly is better. :yes: Good luck with your decision!

    Seriously, when I was scrolling down I thought to myself that the duffle looked really good and then I came to the Carly photos and I thought, "Keep that one!"
  15. the carly is much more classic looking..keep!!!
    i've never liked the duffle