Which purse should I get?


Which purse should I get?

  1. Aaneta Iris

  2. Kooba Annie

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  1. I like the Aaneta..it's a little less plain than the Kooba..the studs spice it up a bit :yes:
  2. between these two :

    i'll fo for the right one, aaneta
  3. I love the Kooba. If the Aaneta didn't have the braid thing hanging down, I would like it better.
  4. I prefer the Aaneta.
  5. Aaneta
  6. I like the Aaneta too!
  7. I also like the Aaneta!
  8. koobie.
  9. I prefer the Kooba, but I like simpler designs.
  10. Kooba
  11. Don't like the braid. Or I will go for Kooba
  12. Wow...I think that Aaneta is the same one I just saw at Nordstrom Rack for less than a hundred bucks!

    I ALMOST got it!
  13. Really? Did they have lots there? I'm leaning towards the Aaneta but especially if it's less than $100!:wtf:
  14. I prefer the Aaneta - esp b/c it looks like you can un-double the strap to make it a crossbody bag. Love the flexibility!