Which purse organizer colour for Neverfull pivoine lining?

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  1. Hi All,

    I've been contemplating myself on whether it is necessary for me to buy a zippered purse organizer for my neverfull mm.

    Does the organizer colour should always match the lining? If it's not, which one do you think is the best colour to go with pivoine lining?

    As you can see from the pic, the hot pink doesnt really match exactly the same as the pivoine lining which is dark pink.

    Pls tell me what you think..TIA

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  2. I would go for the beige! Because I'm afraid of colour transfer!
  3. Which brand is this? I need an organizer for my Neverfull mm too.

    I like beige!
  4. Thanks for your opinion 😊
  5. They're from buttercup. Actually i like beige too. May I know what colour is your neverfull lining?
  6. I have several organizers from different places…this is the one I have in my Neverfull GM and it is my FAVORITE - she makes them for all sizes and different bags - I think I got mine in Caramel which complements the natural tan inside nicely (good match for the stripes)…I didn't think I was going to like it because it doesn't have any zippered pouches, but between the large zippered pouch in the bag, and the added zippered pouch (that came with the Neverfull) I keep clipped to the inside between the organizer and the shell of the bag, I have NEVER needed more! This woman is a real sweetheart too and I think she donates a portion of her proceeds to an animal rescue.

  7. Thanks, i will check it out.
  8. I have the indigo Epi Neverfull, so the lining is microfiber is a dark navy. I'm on the hunt for an organizer too that won't add weight (to the already heavier NF).

    47th Heavon looks gorgeous! I'll have to check that out too.
  9. Any suggestions for color for samorga insert if my lining is the abricot?
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