Which purse is this (see inside pic)

  1. Hi everyone, can someone tell me which purse is that girl wearing (not Kim Kardashian the one whos bending down) but the one who is standing up? and how much does it retail for? I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Here it is..
  3. another one..
  4. it looks like a small flap from the expandable ligne. i think i remember seeing a black one in the reference library. hth!
  5. ^Yupp. It's from the expandable ligne. I've never seen it IRL though. Very cute!
  6. Man that's a big butt for such a petite woman!!! Sorry, yes it is the expandable pochette, I :heart: mine.
  7. Kim always has such gaudy poses sometimes lol.
  8. ew WTF is she doing?? She's so gross.
    The bag is so cute though!
  9. What's w/Kim....SEXY pose????, not!!!!!!!!!:yucky::wtf:
  10. Lol its funny cause yesterday i was like i need to have some chanel off time, turned on the tv and saw kim wearing the vinyl cabas. I was like geesh Chanel is everywhere! She does have a big booty tho!

  11. LOL!!!
  12. ok, and Kim is obviously squatting to fart. LOL

  13. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: You're killing me here!
  14. tee hee--- coming from a woman who has a natural big booty...I always wrap and cover mine up and can not wait til it goes done.....
    I watch the SHOW (i know, I know, but its good entertainment) the show is not all about her-- and i love the way she carrys the vinyl cabas..she makes it look great.. makes me wish i would have never let it slip out my hands that day.
  15. I agree! It looks fab on her, goes great with her all together. She makes it look like its not as big as it really is. I must admit, the show is pretty funny and your right its about all her cooky family. Pretty entertaining ;)