which purse is teh new hawtness?

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  1. my gf loves purses but i dun know which one to get.
  2. I take it that she loves Louis Vuitton hence the name, why do women love louis?
  3. If you describe the type of bags she usually carries, may be some of us may better direct you to the right bag to get for your GF.

    I'm also assuming you're looking for LV, hence your handle and the posting in the LV section. Does she own any LV right now? If so, how does it look like? is it a shoulder/handheld bag? what material is the handbag....???
  4. along with the questions that the other ppl asked, how much do you want to spend on one??
  5. Good point! Also, what kinda personality she has?

  6. I think he's playing around girls. His girlfriend is a member here.