which purse is jessica carrying?

  1. hi!
    can any of you girls identify what handbag Jess is wearing here?
    :biggrin: thanks much!!!

  2. Is it the large Celine Clandestine?
  3. yes, it's celine and it's called bittersweet hobo (she's carrying size large, i think)
    I will attach some more photos
    hobo.jpg phobo.jpg p10927360_ph_hero.jpg
  4. cute bag.

    whats up with the two pix on the right hand side of the first pic?
  5. Is she doing a Christina?
  6. That is what you do when you have no identity/style of your own.:rolleyes:
  7. thanks IsabelleFiore! yeah I thought it was cute when I saw it on her.
    im not sure what the deal is with the pix at the bottom, but i got this one from CelebritySource
    thnx ladies,