Which purse go with mono trouville?

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  1. Any ideas? I like so many wallet but i know they just don't go. I'm interested in what you al think?
  2. how about the mono french purse?
  3. i like MC wallets :P
    it goes with every bag IMO
  4. The french purse in vernis pomme:love:
  5. I'm loving my Brazza Wallet...I also want a Eugenie. Koala's are also cute.
  6. I think any style that you like in Vernis would be beautiful with monogram!
  7. I just got the monogram french purse last night and I love it. It's so classic and functional and will match your trouville! :tup:
  8. I have the same bag and I love it! I use a mono compact zippy with mine right now but I'd love a vernis zippy or an EPI. The only thing I'm watching for is the colour of the zipper. I want golden with golden.
    Good luck, I'll be watching your post for peoples' suggestions!
  9. Thanks for the reply everyone! I'm now even more confuse. I'm considering buying a new bag instead of a purse. I'm so indecisive at the mo.

    I like all your ideas but now wondering if its more practical to continue ahead and buy the batignolles horizontal as i'm thinking about going back to school. My budget is limited too and can only buy one item. I'm setting my limit to £500. All i need now is stick to it.:sweatdrop: