Which purse? Effie small zip around or the valentine Heart zip purse ?

  1. Hi ladies I need a little purse for my reg lily & I was hoping for your opinion as to which one ..
    I love the red valentine coin purse but it has no room for cards so I'd have to buy a credit card slip at a later date !
    The small effie purse in black or oak is lovely& would be the perfect size & shape but its not as exciting as the red ! I haven't seen this in IRL so any information would be gratefully received.
    Does it look nice in the spongy pebbled leather ?
    Thanks in advance !
  2. I vote effie purse :thumbup: for practicality reasons, its inside the bag most of the time so I think it is okay to go for practical over beautiful
  3. Thanks mulberryforbes that's certainly what I'm going towards when I think about it practically :smile:
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    I've the large effie purse and can vouch for it's quality. Superb ! X
  5. Thank you beaver that's good to know :smile: x
  6. Another vote for effie. Those little coin purses are cute but not that practical for me.
  7. Thanks armcandy I think you might be right :smile:
  8. I've got a little coin purse (bought when I had a Rouge Noir craving) and, do you know, I've never really found a use for it. It just sits in the cupboard looking pretty.

    Unless you know exactly what you'd use a teeny tiny pouch for, go for the practical one :smile:
  9. Agreed could never see the point of a little purse that you can't even get a card in.... Always go for the practical option...good luck
  10. i saw the red valentine purse yesterday and didnt really think much of it , and even reduced down to £85 it wouldnt tempt me , if it was me i would choose the effie
  11. Thanks for all your help ladies have decided on the lovely Effie :smile: ...& then of course I will need the matching pouch at some point as it is the perfect size for reg. lily :smile:
    Matchy matchy is always good !