Which purple bag do you like? Botkier or Hayden Harnett

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Which purple bag do you prefer?

  1. Botkier Trigger

  2. Hayden Harnett Gaza

  3. They are different bags, and I love both

  4. They both suck

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. While the HH leather is wonderful on their Gaza bags, I like the looks of the botkier bag better.
  2. I really like the Botkier!!
  3. I think definitely the Trigger! Clearly Chuck Norris would think this as well!
  4. Definitely the Botkier Trigger; love the quality & the rich purple shade. HH bag is too busy. But I love the RM MAM's best -- which purple bags do you have?
  5. I LOVE the Botkier Trigger! Everything about it is gorgeous. Great, now I want one. :drool:
  6. I am going the other way. I love the HH.
  7. Def. the Botkier!
  8. I'm going with the majority opinion for Botkier as well. I have an HH gaza hobo in this prune color and it's great. But I've never loved the overly busy multi-pocket thing going on with the satchel. While compartmentalizing may be great for organizing your stuff - I'd forget which pocket I'd stuffed what into and it makes it harder to switch in and out of bags if you have your stuff distributed throughout multiple pockets.
  9. I think they are both a little dull! With all those beautiful RM's you've got I would never use on of these! It's spring, I would look for a purple with more pop!
  10. I love the darker purple of the Trigger but I'm kind of over that style (it was too heavy for me). I'm not feeling the washed/distressed look of the HH, though I know those who have that bag love it.
  11. Botkier!
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I love the Botkier, but I have read here on tPF that it is very heavy. I don't know personally because I have never held one, but I love the way it looks! It weight doesn't bother you, definitely go with the Trigger!
  14. Love the color on both, but I think I like the Botkier more.
  15. The Trigger. :tup: