Which purple bag do you like? Botkier or Hayden Harnett

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Which purple bag do you prefer?

  1. Botkier Trigger

  2. Hayden Harnett Gaza

  3. They are different bags, and I love both

  4. They both suck

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. It seems a good purple bag is so hard to find these days, KWIM? Now that I have two of them, I feel like I almost have too much purple!

    Anyhoo, please tell me which bag you prefer, the Botkier Trigger or the Hayden Harnett Gaza.

    Your professional opinions are valued!


  2. I prefer the botkier trigger...the HH gaza looks ok but is a bit too BUSY looking for my taste(due to the many front pockets).;)
  3. I like the styling of the botkier .. but the color seems kind of dark??
  4. I've been searching for a brighter purple, one with more pop. :yes:
  5. I like the color and texture and design of the Botkier better...I agree the gaza is a little busy for me - I don't like tons of pockets.
  6. i like the sheen on the leather of the botkier bag
  7. Yes, they are both purple - BUT they are two totally different bags in terms of use. IMO, there are many bags similar to the Trigger - but the Gaza is unique in that it's SO functional with a great distressed leather that is rich in color. Granted, I would not use this bag as my everyday bag (for me) but would love to have it in my repetoire (sp?).
  8. botkier, the other is way to busy for my taste. I like the dark purple too, It will go with lots.
  9. HH. I have seen the trigger too much.
  10. I prefer the first one - Botkier. Second one is too casual for my taste.
  11. Both have such a unique look. I like them both.
  12. I voted for the trigger. I've always wanted one, but is it a dressy bag??
  13. botkier.. i agree with one who said the second one is just too busy..
  14. The Botkier is beautiful, that would be my pick for sure! :smile:

  15. Love the Botkier - not as keen on the HH for the same reasons as above.