Which PTI? =)

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  1. I've narrowed it down to the Mono and W MC.
  2. i like mono.
    the mc feels to childish to me. mono will stand the test of time.
    you could always put a twist on the mono with something LE like the dentelle line.
  3. Mono, and for a few extra bucks get the azur cles too!
  4. The MC is SO BEAUTIFUL!! get the MC!!
  5. MC:love:
  6. I like mono!
  7. mono--more versatile
  8. One more vote for MC. My daughter votes for MC. :smile: Sorr
  9. Awww thats cute.:yes:
  10. another vote for MC :yes:
  11. Mc!
  12. mono
  13. And another vote for MC ;) hehe
  14. MONO! i'm not a fan of the multicolor lines at all. i actually have a mono PTI waiting for me at house right now.. it just came in mail :yes:

    let us know what you decide :smile:
  15. i have the MC white PTI and just love it. you should get it for sure