Which PT: EB or Vert D'eau?

  1. i'm torn between an EB SGH part-time (or should i do GGH???) OR a vert d'eau GGH part-time

    which do u all think? in terms of both color and leather? how does the 08 EB compare with 07 leather? tia!
  2. i love the electric blue with SGH
    GO for the EB SGH Part time :tup:
  3. don't think i've seen a VD with GGH. that'd be so unique altho i imagine SGH to be nicer, if they do have VD in GH.
  4. Well.. I like both. But if i really had to choose i say EB! Its so "WOW"
  5. I have a soft spot for Vert D'Eau. The leather is absolutely amazing!!! I have only felt the 08 leather on bubblegum & magenta and it is a little stiffer and veinier than 07, but still thick overall. I prefer 07 leather at this stage. I am down for an EB City, so we'll see! I do love the EB SGH. I know there were many EB SGH's made. It will be very common. However, there weren't that many VD GGH PT's made. If it were me and I didn't already own a VD Weekender...I would choose the Vert D'Eau...I agree, EB is amazing too. I plan on having both colours...Why don't you get both???
  6. i :heart: my eb ~ it's everything i'd hoped for ~ beautiful even colour ~ no dryness ~ not too wrinkly ~ perfect stitching ~ perfect glaze to it ~ i'm not a fan of vert d'eau or the giant h/w i'm afraid ~ practicality wise the eb is an all year round colour ~ all of which is ~ OMHO ~ :flowers:
  7. i vote for a EB GGH Part-time.. i have one on the way to me and i can't wait to get it!! Let us know what you decide!
  8. Go for the EB with GSH! It's one of my dream bags! :heart:
  9. My vote goes to EB with GSH. I think this color combo is amazing and I am waitlisted for a day.
  10. I would go with the Vert. There was one listed on feebay and it is just gorgeous:heart:. I think it would be a wonderful color for spring (although EB is smashing also).
  11. The leather on Vert is the best!! GO for vert!
  12. Vert D'eau! It's such a unique color compared to the EB. Although I think both are pretty I like the Vert much more. You can always get that EB or another bal blue later on.

    BUT, and I most point this out, the color choice is up to you, never chose a color based on what most people tell you in a forum, YOU must love it :yes:
  13. i have a soft spot for vert d'eau as well :wub:

    however, i have an ocean city (mine is very bright, it actually resembles french blue) and i use it alot more than my little vert.... so i think it all depends on what you'll get more use out of. i can toss my ocean around w/out worrying about it getting dirty, but my vert has always made me a little more nervous.
  14. Vert D'eau is much more unique and is RARE w/the gold giant hardware. I also think it's stunningly beautiful w/the GGH. Go for it!
  15. go for vert deau!!!