Which Protectand do You Think Is Better?

  1. I have the AppleGuard spray, but I have seen lots of posts on here about the Wilson's. I have a Meredith, Nina, and Jillian... which spray do you girls think would work best?
  2. For untreated leather, I like Wilson's since it dries so fast with no discoloration. I've used Apple but it takes forever for the leather to dry.
  3. I agree. Wilson's TLC in the silver pump spray bottle. Great stuff.
  4. Wilsons for me too. I just a couple of my bags. A linea Pelle very soft washed leather wallet and it dried perfectly and looks great. I even did the Jillian even though it's leather is very durable and doesn't seem to need it.
  5. Thanks ladies! I just placed an order for some!
  6. Now a protectant is used AFTER you've cleaned the bag, right? I'm expecting a Marcelle in Ivory that will DEFINITELY need some TLC - so I was going to just use my LMB cleaner which seems to be good....and then I should use a Wilsons Protectant afterwards? Does that ward off any dirt stains as well? :weird:
  7. I just bought 3 appleguard products, the suede cleaner, the rain protector, and the cleaner/conditioner set.
    Is it OK to use the rain protector 1st or do I use the cleaner/ conditioner first. Can I use it on any handbag? Is it OK for the Botkier Bianca and the Linea Pelle Beverly ?