Which Prints look better in Gioco? Zucca?

  1. I've been talking to the outlets about what they have left and am considering getting something in Inferno and something in Paradiso.

    I'm looking at Zuccas and Giocos. I'm leaning towards a Zucca in inferno but can't decide if the Paradiso would look better in a Gioco or a Zucca.


  2. I think paradiso looks better in a zucca.
  3. I agree w/Blackwidow. I actually had an inferno zucca when they first came out and I hated it...hated hated hated it :yucky: ...I ended up returning it and got the inferno in a gioco instead. I like that a lot better in the inferno print.

    If I were you I'd order a paradiso zucca and an inferno gioco. :love: But that's just me. Bubblesung has the paradiso zucca and it's adorable!!
  4. I have the Paradiso gioco and I love it... For me, I always thought Inferno matched with the zucca... To me, the shape of the zucca looks like a black cauldron and the little devils match that.

    To solve this problem, the solution is clear... Buy a Paradiso gioco and zucca. Buy an Inferno gioco and zucca.

    Whoo-hoo!!! :wlae:
  5. I have the Zucca in Inferno, and I love it. But I got good print placement for specific ones I wanted. If you are just looking for massive print, then the Gioco is probably best. If you're looking for focal points, Zucca works. And the Paradiso is just cute no matter what it's on.
  6. zucca! i'm getting a zucca paradiso too. :heart::heart::heart:

    the gioco is pretty but so uncomfortable, zucca seems to be way more practical, and it looks good in paradiso. :push:

  7. I like that...black cauldron:smile:.

    Back to the OP - I'm another one for the Paradiso Zucca. Then again that was the purse that got me started on this whole thing :rolleyes: