Which prints has Mozarella on them?

  1. I just recently picked up a Mozarella(sp?) toy. For those of you who live in the San Marino area, check out this new shop called BOWLS on the corner of Huntington & San Gabriel. They carry Toxic Swamp Qees, Moofia Toys, Cactus Friends, and Mozarella. The shop belongs to my bf's brother. Tell them Pam sent you! :P

    Anyways, I would really like a bag with Mozarella on it because I really really like her but I'm not sure which prints have her (since I'm a TOKIDOKI newbie)

    Let me know! Thanks!
  2. I can honestly say I do not know. I don't think I have Mozarella on any of my stuff O__o
  3. hmmm i think she was on paradiso, citta and citta rosa print??
  4. I didnt' see her on my citta rosa bella -- but probably cuz it cut off lol.
  5. heheh i went searching..so here is what i found :biggrin: from ebay... hehe...had to post it with the scooter monkey :love:

  6. i dont think those two are the official "mozarella" that is the toy since she has blue hair ^^..but mozarella WILL be featured on Tutti AND Trasporto! Hooray! yanno how there's hella cactus kids that're all diff colors...so just several cow kids with guns..lolz
  7. lmao .. i never knew mozarella was a girl !!I thought "she" was a "he"
  8. :lol: well it looks like mozarella w/o earrings to me? :shrugs:
  9. yea, i thought so too at the beginning. Until I went to simone's signing and asked him to sketch her on my postcard. When he was done and tried to give me the postcard, he said "oops, i forget" and he drew her earring with gold marker, and he said she's a female cow :P
  10. lol ok that is my toki-lesson for today!! I learned something new about tokidoki :biggrin:
  11. I think about Mozzarella as a guy as well, I don't think that'll ever change, even if Simone himself said it's a girl. :rolleyes:
  12. lol me too snoopa. I mean guys wear earrings too .. lol
    ahh tho i just noticed that mozarella has eyelashes and only the female characters have eyelashes.

    hmm i'll just continue to think of mozarella as a guy .. a pretty guy
  13. :lol: pretty guy!
  14. idk i always thought mozarella was a girl for some odd reason.

    OMG< I think have Mozarella on my bags and didnt even notice, LMFAO! Eh, I guess not my fave character lol.
  15. well,there is the fabulous mozzarella t-shirt..

    [and i guess thought of her as a boy too. not sure why though, since it seems that most of the characters are female, except bastardino]