Which prints do you absolutely don't like at all?

  1. Well, absolutely is a strong word. But which prints would you not want to buy at all.? Do you think the newer prints are much boring than the first prints that came out? Which qee do you like better? adios or the bear? Do you also notice that the adios qee might be lighter than the bear qee?

    To me, i think the newer prints such as familigia, transporto, tutti, vacanze aren't that interesting than the first prints that came out! I also like the bear qee when it came out.

    So what do you think? (everyone is entitle to their opinion)
  2. i kind of agree with you... the last few prints have been kinda blah... i dont see myself every buying famaglia, tutti, trasporto, or vacanze. actually i really liked vacanze when i just saw the swatch but somehow on the bag the print looks darker... which is unappealing to me...

    i think the adios "qee" is really cute, but the toy2r one is better quality imo.
  3. We all have such different tastes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tutti, Trasporto & Vacanze. And I absolutely hate the flower-face bear qee.

    I don't like Original or the Camo prints at all and I don't care one way or the other about Playground. Everything else I like.
  4. yes! i dont like cammo or playground either o_o; but those bags gets lots of hype so iono xD
  5. Me too! the Camo and the notte solid prints, i don't really care for!
  6. I'm also not a fan of the white bear Qee. I don't really like Famiglia, Tutti, the Original print or the black camo. I definitely prefer the bright colorful prints with paradiso, inferno, foresta and vacanze being my favorites.
  7. definitely not a fan of the camo prints or tan playground...i guess that's more left for those who are! and it would have to be a downright bargain basement bargain for me to consider getting a famiglia or l'amore. i'm not too crazy about the xmas trees and the sky part, so i'm still on the fence about vacanze. (but i do actually like tutti & trasporto, so it balances back the other way. :tup:)

    the adios qee is a welcome change, even tho it's not quite a real qee! i have enough of those white toy2r qees to last a lifetime.
  8. Top three "least" favorite prints":
    1. Famiglia
    2. Adios Star
    3. Olive Camo
  9. I dont like famiglia and adios star
  10. I don't have amore, famiglia, adios star, original, paradiso, citta rosa.

    I'd like a tan playground, but I don't have to have it....I just sold my black cammo angioletto because I like the print ok but the money more. :blush:

    I wouldn't mind famiglia, cammo, or adios star if I found a really really good deal on a style I wanted, but that's pretty unlikely. That would only be denaros or caramellas, so that's not going to happen.

    Amore, I just can't get over those hearts in the background, and paradiso and original print I've never liked.
  11. Tan Playground is by far my least favorite. Not a big fan of L'amore, and I've soured on Citta Rosa as well. I'm glad the white bear qee is over (I have too many)-- I prefer Adios!
  12. I don't like famiglia at all. I've seen it in person, and it still does nothing for me. I love tutti, but I would never carry it since it's mostly white and more prone to showing stains/dirt. I don't like arancia, not a fan of bright orange. I'm on the fence about the cammo prints. I'd never get anything besides an angioletto in them. I like tan playground, but it's so hit or miss. I'd hate having a tan pg piece with mostly cut off leg pieces showing.
  13. I absolutely hate Paradiso, Spiaggia, Tutti, Adios Star, and Famiglia. I don't care much for any of the solid prints. Trasporto, Pirata, Original Print, and Vacanze are so-so. The rest of them are my favorites.
  14. i will never buy any bag in the cammo print and playground, unless they made it in black instead of light brown/beige. i dont know why but those prints arent appealing to me. and i dont really care for vacanze...
  15. I've never been a fan of the cammo prints either, they just seem too dark to me. Tutti and famiglia are kinda blah - I use my famiglia for going to meetings where my brighter tokis won't be appreciated. But I much prefer the more colorful prints