Which print matches this stroller?

  1. I've decided I think I need a new bag that matches my stroller... either a Cucciola (Sp?) or a Campeggio.
    Which print should I get? Here's a a stock pic of my stroller.

  2. definetly a cucciolo!

    foresta would be cool since it's green, but paradiso or amore would be cool too.
    you can't go wrong with tokidoki, it's so colorful it matches anything and everything . =]
  3. I think of the olive camo because it looks like a pea green stroller but it might be a little dark... the Amore could work too I think since it has a lot of pastels kind of bright though but that's good for kids... but that's just my opinion :sweatdrop:

    edit: oh and of course the paradiso... i think the babies go w/ anything!
  4. Foresta or Amore!
  5. I was thinking Amore since it has the pastelly colors like the spring green and light blue! I can tell the Paridiso would look good too... I'll hafta go look at the Forresta! :smile:
  6. playground olive, amore, or foresta!
  7. An amore campeggio!
  8. Anyone know enough about Spiaggio to know if it would look good with it?
  9. olive playground or blue citta or paradiso. =)
  10. I'd go with foresta, paradiso or citta.

    The colors are bright and loud on the spiaggia it wouldn't go with it.
  11. Amore! what stroller is that? It's cute!
  12. Foresta all the way~ :graucho: ..paradiso, and amore (cuz theres lot of :heart:)...

    Well the campeggio and cucciolo is only different by 2.25 inches...though the price range for the cucciolo is bit higher.

    campeggio is 13 x 14 x 6 @ $160
    cucciolo is 13 x 16.25 x 6 @ $198
  13. The Spiagga might go with it if that's the print you really favor. Your stroller is 2 solid colors so you kinda have the freedom to choose whichever print you like best. I just saw the Amore print IRL and it's super cute....you might want that but as far as what would go best is really up to you since your stroller is so neutral:graucho:

    I'd get the cucciolo if I were you though b/c it has the mesh on the sides which I think will come in handy w/a baby :shrugs:

    Let us know what you decide!! :love:
  14. haha i didnt even notice the mesh on the cucciolo :p thanks for point that out..also theres a diaper changing pad of some sort?
  15. Yeah, the diaper pad is in a separate back pocket that's along the back of the bag. I don't know if that's super useful or not but it is an added bonus. However I think the mesh pockets are good for women w/kids...I would imagine they would come in handy especially for bottles!! :search: :search: :search: