Which print looks best?

  1. What print do you think look best on a certain style? Even though I love most of the prints, there are some bag styles that I know it will not look good on. And vice versa.

    For example, I really didn't like the Luna, but when I found an Adios Star Luna, I thought it was beautiful! It didn't look too "busy" since the stars are evenly spaced out, and there's not a lot of repetition on it so it's nice to look at.
  2. I think the Camos look good on the Bella and Bella Bella style because the print is so small you don't get a lot cut off. With some of the larger prints, the Bellas can look strange because sometimes you get the empty space of the print between the zippers and it looks a little funny.
  3. i think the AS looks awesome in a ciao or zucca.

    i like l'amore in smaller bags because the color scheme is loud for a big bag.

    i am beginning to like trasporto in most things b/c the characters never really get cut off that bad.

    bella looks great in solids.

    paradiso cucciolo! that print is made for a diaper bag. :smile:

    i like citta and citta rose in almost anything.

    inferno anything!