Which print is best for bambinone?


Mar 4, 2006
I would really like one in the original print, but I am not willing to pay the mark up prices on ebay and I know its all out in the stores/outlet.
I have a zucca in the inferno and a stellina in the cammo playground already.
I am not crazy about paradiso or the new spiaggia, so what does that leave me?
Ugh am I being too picky??
What do you gals think looks best in the bambinone?
I have a foresta bambinone that I :love: but I think those are hard to find also :sad: I got mine when it was still retail... umm there's citta and citta rosa also hard to find especially with good placement... :shrugs:
Hmmm... Are you not wanting to duplicate prints and styles? If so... My pick is the future print, Tutti. I pre-ordered a Tutti bambinone. I think it'll look awesome! If you're wanting past prints, then it's only what tehlilone said, and Pirata, Adios Star, the solid colors... I think the Pirata is cute in a bambinone.
I second the pirata also... I forgot about it because my sis has one and I don't want the same bag as her :lol: and adios star if only you find the right placement which is REALLY hard to do :sad:
Since I only have 2 tokidoki's I don't want duplicate prints/style just yet. I want a bambinone to use on a upcoming trip so I don't think I can wait for the tutti.
I think Pirata is coming in first at the moment and the amore in second place....
I am actually quite attracted to adios star but afraid of the dirt factor. Should I be concern?
I love all my bambinones. I think it is a bag that can look good in any print if you get the right placement. I have Arancia, Adios, Foresta and Spiaggia.

The Dolce is roughly the same dimensions (slightly smaller and flatter) and it can take any print as well. I have it in Pirata, Amore and Bianco.

For with of these small(er) squar(ish) bags you just need to decide what part of the print you want and keep looking until you find it because your perfect print placement IS out there somewhere!