Which print for my baby's luggage?

  1. I bought a Luna in Spiaggia to use as my son's luggage for our upcoming trip to Disney World (and for future trips too) but now I am second guessing it. I wish it didn't have the bikini girls. What print do you think would make the cutest luggage for a baby boy? TIA!
  2. Trasporto sure would be cute or I like inferno or paradiso for a little boy. :yes:
  3. Paradiso hands down!! Baby angels ... and ... isn't your little baby boy an angel? :angel: See?!!! :lol:
  4. I like this idea :idea: too!! :yes:
  5. Great idea!!! I just emailed South Hampton to see if they have any Paradiso Lunas left - I am keeping my fingers crossed. :p
  6. I say inferno, foresta, or the new trasporto

    paradiso reminds me of girls :lol: sorry
  7. I wish Vacanze were out, I'd pick that!

    Paradiso is a good choice, though, it is covered in, well... babies!
  8. How about Adios Star? I have that one, it does look cool on a baby boy.

    But for a baby girl, I will choose the Paradiso luna.
  9. camo playground for a boy? :shrugs: well, paradiso has boys&girls both, so that seems ok.
  10. It is a little girly, LOL, but I think it's fine for an infant boy. :p
  11. i agree with tokiloca, paradiso =)
  12. Yes, he is definitely an angel- he even has an angel's name - Gabriel. :heart:
  13. I think Paradiso is great for a baby. I also think Trasporto is great for travel bags.
  14. yeah, i still agree with tokiloca xD paradiso is the best for a baby boy~ it's blue and has angels....and it's just cute all around! i hope you can find it~~
  15. I just ordered a Paradiso Luna from the outlet! Yipee! :yahoo: