Which print for an Agenda?

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Which print for Agenda PM?

  1. Monogram

  2. Damier Ebene

  3. Damier Azur

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am going to purchase an Agenda PM very soon and I cannot decide which print to get. Would love your help!
  2. I personally love the azur in the agenda. A gorgeous contrast inside a handbag. Congrats!
  3. What bag do you carry the most? What print is your wallet? That might help me give more suggestions :smile:
  4. Love the Azur too. It'll probably be easier to find it in your bag.
  5. I use my DE Neverfull the most. I have a monogram wallet and a DE wallet.
  6. i would go with the DE agenda
  7. Vernis or mono
  8. I have agenda pm in monogram and I absolutely LVoe it. I don't like to be too matchy-matchy with my items, so monogram was a natural choice for me. I've heard that the red lining of DE can cause color transfer onto damier azur. good luck!
  9. Before you choose a print, are you absolutely certain the pm size works for you?

    A lot of members have found it to be too small, an expensive mistake. I went through that so just sharing my experience.

    For PM definitely vernis!
    There are less choices for MM and I picked graphite damier to be under the radar especially during work meetings ..
  10. I have the agenda pm in monogram, just thought it'd be classic and an overall fit to any of my bags. Come to think of it though, vernis does sound pretty! Lol
  11. The smallest size is very small I went to see it in multicolour which is lovely print but the cover is way too small
  12. You haven't included vernis as an option so not sure if it's because you aren't a fan of vernis. Check out a pomme agenda at a store if you are able, it will steal your heart! If you're not into it, mono as it's such a classic.
  13. I vote mono
  14. For this very reason, I chose the Black Epi MM agenda. Very discrete but very luxurious.
  15. I agree, epi is durable, and easy to clean too. Plus there are so many colors to choose from.