Which prep (boarding) schools do you find the most prestigious?

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  1. The most well respected?
    The most exclusive? Elite?
    The most nerdy?
    The most athletic?
    The most preppy?
    The most nouveau riche?
  2. im guessing you mean im the US right?
    im in the UK but i go to uni with a few people that were at exclusive schools in england, one of my best guy friends went to rugby (where the game rugby was invented) so thats sporty. the most pretentious girl i know went to tudor hall. and the most prestigious boys school here is eton of course.
  3. yeah, i was thinking the US, but UK schools are cool too! do you know of any US schools? which ones are known abroad?
  4. i dont think i could name any US prep schools. but i dont have any american friends and my mother went to a high school in oklahoma.
  5. I would say that one of the most respected and exclusive/elite boarding schools would be Phillips Academy Andover in Massachusetts. I have a friend who goes there--they're very selective and almost all the students go on to Ivy League universities. Hotchkiss school in Connecticut is also pretty elite.
  6. Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart in Lakeforest, IL is pretty swank. I went to a Sacred Heart School as well, and I can tell you it's ritzy. I didn't attend the one in Lakeforest, but I've known people who have.
  7. i think andover and exeter are on top...

    hotchkiss, st. pauls, deerfield, choate, lawrenceville are right below.

    after that there's blair, mercersberg, hill, loomis chaffee, st.marks, etc.
  8. ^^^I agree.
  9. I actually went to Woodlands for a year (9th) before my family decided to move back to Florida. It's totally lovely and a great springboard for superb colleges :smile:
  10. I went to the number 3 public school in America, Stanton College Prep :smile:
  11. How about the ivy preparatory schools? There are 8 of them and they're feeder schools for the ivy league.
  12. there are 8 ivies, but not 8 direct feeders.

    harvard -- exeter, st. mark's, groton
    yale -- andover
    princeton - Lville
  13. of andover and exeter, which do you think is more prestigious and well known?
  14. Didn't Kennedy go to Choate?
  15. one of my ex-bfs went to exeter
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