Which Preloved Galliera PM Damier Azur Should I Keep? Please Help Me Choose!

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  1. #1 Mar 18, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2014
    Hello TPF'ers!!!

    So... I had purchased a "mint condition" Galliera PM in DA but sadly she came to me not as described and I had to return her :sad: She had a hole puncture deep into the canvas as well as very dirty interior that was omitted from the listing.

    Anyways, I was super sad about that and figured if I was going to get a Galliera PM DA that is not mint condition then I'd prefer one broken in with a much nicer price tag.

    So my Dilemma is -- I found TWO and have NO IDEA which one is better/worse for the price. So I bought BOTH! I am NOT going to keep both but I really needed more time to decide. Both have not been shipped yet.

    One of them is from a Japanese seller that has a 14 day return policy but I'd like to decide prior to shipping so that both the seller and I won't lose the money in shipping/return shipping. The other one is from Brandoff whom offered to issue me a refund/cancel the transaction should I change my mind about the bag prior to shipping.

    I would like to choose one and have only one sent to me and get a refund/cancel transaction on the other! By the way both of the sellers know this and are okay with this.

    First Galliera PM DA:

    Please Scroll down the body of the listing for more pictures of its condition...

    Price: $750.00

    Made in France from 2010


    - $49.00 Less.
    - The shape/form of the bag looks better in general.


    - Comes with nothing - only the bag.

    - More wear and patina to the vachetta leather.

    - More dirty tint to the canvas overall.


    -Worn Corners.


    - Some ink mark on the inside lining.

    - More Dirt/Black Marks around the vachetta leather trim.

    - Being that it is from 2010 - the Brass rings already have the plastic insert inside so I won't be able to bring it into LV to replace them with shiny new rings.

    - What bothers me the most about this bag is I can see a dark dirty stain in the back of the bag -- right smack in the middle of the back. I can see how the DA canvas on the middle part of the back of the bag is a bit more dirty and has a yellow/darker tint.

    Dirty part in the middle of the back with natural light:


    With Flash:


    Second Galliera PM DA from Brandoff: http://www.ebay.com/itm/400673521684?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2648

    Price: $799.00

    ($49.00 more than the other one)

    Made in France from 2008


    - Comes with the Louis Vuitton Dust Bag.

    - Being that it is from 2008 - I can bring this bag into LV and get the brass rings replace to the new shiny ones with the plastic insert.

    - Looks better overall -- DA Canvas looks whiter/cleaner.

    - Less dirty black marks around the vachetta leather trim.


    - Seller states "Deformation" in the listing and I can sort of see it. Do you think this "deformation" will get better in time? Would it look better if I have my things inside of the bag? Maybe it looks like that only because the bag is just stuffed with papers.



    - May have a musty odor but that generally does not bother me as much.

    - There is a black mark around the metal snap closure -- not sure if that is tarnishing from the metal of the snap closure onto the vachetta leather or just a shadow.


    - There is also a distinctive black stain on the vachetta leather -- not sure what it could be (ink?) It does not look as bad when looking at the full view of the bag.


    I am still waiting on the seller to send me pictures of the metal plate to see how scratched it is and the 4 corners of the bag to see its full condition. But base on everything so far.... which bag would you purchase?? Which is a better deal as far as price for condition? Which looks better and "newer"?

    Please advise as I am so torn between the two!

    Thank you very much for your help!!
  2. I like the first one and you can easily use LMB to clean the vachetta part, plus it is cheaper than the second one, I think second is too much wear and tears on it.
  3. Hi There! Thanks so much for your response! You don't think the canvas on the 2nd one is brighter and whiter whereas the first one is more dull with the darker stain in the middle of the back?
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    Last edited: Mar 18, 2014
    Oh I'm so sorry about your Galliera!! I was wondering when you were going to do a reveal. You know, there's one listed on this websight called tradesy.com, it's listed for 1200.00 but I'm sure she would come down on the price...check it out before you commit to these two..
  5. The first one for sure!
  6. I vote the first one. The problems on the vachetta could be fixed by LMB. I do see the discoloration, but at least it's on the backside of the bag where you can't see it :smile:

    The 2nd bag looks like it's in terrible shape, especially the mark near the ring and the "deformation." I can't even imagine how the lining on the bottom of the bag got "sucked in" to the rest of the bag, that seems really fishy. I don't understand how it's MORE expensive! GL!
  7. I would take the first one if i have to choose. The deformation on the second bag is a worry. I have a mono galleria and the bottom piping never fold in even when empty, looks to me like a stitching problem.
  8. ^ agree!

    The second has too many issues and looks in worse condition. I would take the first one and see if LBM or some leather cleaner could clean the vachetta. You might be able to wash the canvas and it may remove some of the dirt.....Or keep looking for a DA galleria in better condition...which one are you thinking of keeping?
  9. If you are not totally sold on either, maybe wait for a near perfect one? Out of the two, I would go with the first one. The musty odor on the second one would be a deal breaker for me. The black spot and the black area around the snap could be mold.
  10. Definitely first one.....
  11. For the reasons I PM'd you, I'd go with number one and try to clean it up a bit or wait for one in better condition. $750 or $800 is a lot of money to not be head over heels in love. These bags are still popping up on the resell sites in really good condition, I wouldn't settle.
  12. definitely first one
  13. First one or wait until you find another?
  14. Find anther one that you are completely satisfied with, their are plenty of them on ebay and other sites for sale. If you don't you might end up regretting it again
  15. So sorry about your bag! I probably wouldn't get either one of these and wait until you're in love. I don't think you'll be happy with either one. I'm sure you'll find a better Galliera than these two. Good luck!