Which Prada Wallet should I get?


Which wallet should I get??

  1. Style 1M1037A - 1 button closure

  2. Style M201A - 2 button closure

  3. Neither ... get something else!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I am looking for a long wallet and not spend too much. I seen these 2 on eBay and wondering which you gals like better.

    Took some pics from eBay ...
    Pic 1 - 1M1037A
    Pic 2 - 1M1037A - Credit card holder is inside
    Pic 3 - M201A
    Pic 4 - M201A - Credit card holder is on the inside flap
  2. I vote for the second one!
  3. ^ me too! :yes:
  4. yeah the second one!
  5. I like the 2nd one, too
  6. Thanks so much Mary! Will do =)
  7. good luck with finding a real one! :flowers:
  8. I would prefer the 2nd one - but if I had a choice of others, I would get the gorgeous prada Saffiano leather wallet in cherry! I have it and it's absolutely gorgeous!!! :heart::P:graucho:
  9. ^^ ooh can you post a picture please:tender:
  10. Check out lvkate. She recently had a wallet like the second one. She's an MPRS, and several ladies here have vouched for her as a good seller.
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