Which Prada Pouchette should I buy for my birthday?

  1. Hi Girls,

    Which color in the Prada pouchette do you like better, the cipria, the militare, or the lilac? I want to pick one thats wearable, most of all my Pradas are in the black nylon, but I thought it may be nice to have a small colored nylon bag too.

    What color is the most wearable for everyday purposes? I was thinking about the cipria because it looks like a tan almost.

    Does anyone have the pouchettes? Are they to small to fit a wallet, a camera, a phone into? Do they fit over the shoulder?


    cipria.jpg lilac.jpg militare.jpg
  2. i like the pinkish tan one the most. The pouchettes are terrific as they still look dainty but can hold more than you think! I can fit my small wallet, cell phone and my husband's wallet in mine.
  3. I like #1. You can wear it over your shoulders. They are perfect for going out.
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