which prada/miu miu would you buy first??

  1. hey all :smile: i'm normally over on the MJ forum, but i think i need to branch out a bit, and i've been loving the prada/miu miu stuff from fall 06 & spring 07. so, let me ask you this: as someone with no prada/MM in my collection, what would you pick up first? i'd prefer something with a little bit of edge (ie, i love the coffer), but also a classic that will be in style for a long time. i prefer leather to nylon, and i tend to carry medium to larger sized bags - nothing really small or really huge.

    so...what would you guys suggest for a prada/MM virgin?? :roflmfao: (well, i do have a pair of prada pumps, but i'm not sure that counts)

    TIA, everyone!
  2. Honestly..The Gauffre style is my personal fave!
  3. i do love that ruching, jill - i love the coffer for that reason as well. sooo pretty!
  4. Gosh, that's a tough call! Prada has so many personalities that it would be hard to pick one. Have you gone to Styledrops and looked at their selection? They have the biggest selection online right now. Raffaello Network is running a bit low in their inventory, but you might want to check them out too. If it's your first though I'd definitely suggest something without too many bells and whistles, a seasonless color (rather than a metallic or color bag).

    Do have a look at Styledrops and if something grabs you attention, post the pic here. We'll be more than happy to enable your first Prada/Miu Miu. :greengrin:
  5. lol, thanks, PP - i know i can always count on you all to enable me ;) i hadn't looked at styledrops before (where have i been?!?), but am glued to my screen now & will let you all know what i find. i'm leaning more toward MM than prada now, mostly b/c of price, but i'm checking both - DH doesn't have to know *exactly* how much something costs ;)

    would you all say that miu miu's quality is pretty comparable to prada, or is there a huge difference??
  6. ^^^Hee hee. Always happy to oblige. ;)

    I don't have any Miu Miu bags, but I love them. Since they are basically the same company I can't imagine there's much, if any, difference in the quality. I imagine the price difference comes into play b/c Prada is a more well known name than Miu Miu. And that "movie" sure made the Prada name more well known to a lot of people. Can you imagine if it had been called The Devil Wears Miu Miu?:roflmfao:
  7. ROFL....:roflmfao: that would have been awesome!