Which Prada bag?

  1. I am probably the only one that hasn't seen the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, and so I am extremely curious to see the white Prada bag that Meryl Streep wears in the movie. Does anyone have a picture??? :wondering
  2. Looked sort of like this...

  3. Yep-Thats it...It was last winters collection.....I saw it IRL at Saks last year..very pretty..But too rigid a bag for me.
  4. ^^ I agree - I prefer slouchier styles!
  5. Thanks ladies!!
  6. That's so interesting. I haven't seen the movie, either, and I just assumed that everyone was talking about a newer model bag.

    I do like this bag, actually (love frame bags!) but I don't like the big logo (even though this is a pretty logo).
  7. I love this bag! Is it available this year anywhere (any color)?
  8. Little did we know last winter how "hot" this bag would be!
  9. Not that I know of. It's a 2005 bag. Your best bet would be eBay -- but I'd be really careful, re: fakes, now that it's been used in a movie.
  10. I should add that it originally came in a bunch of colours (black, brown, grey, etc.), and there were a few variations on the style, too (one with a flap on top rather than the silver closure, for e.g.).
  11. Thanks melisande. It is surely a beautiful bag, but , alas, I guess I'll have to do without.
  12. In some ways I might feel like a dork carrying the exact same bag from the movie -- sort of like buying the "pretty woman" brownd dress w/ polka dots in the early nineties. Maybe a different color would work.

    Not that I can afford to get it right now anyway, LOL
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