Which Prada bag?

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  1. Hi everyone. I took advantage of the Neiman Marcus TwoBuyTwo event and bought 2 sets of stuff, both consisting of one wallet and one bag. I'll most likely have to return one set (unless I fall MADLY in love with both). Which Prada bag do you like more?


    Prada tessuto fiocco tote in black.
    Pros: versatile; fits a fair amount of stuff (14 by 11 inches); and the bow is so now! Also, if I take good care of it, it will last forever
    Cons: I own a few black bags already; will the bow be grossly out of style at some point?


    Prada tessuto soft calf satchel in acquamarina (only the straps are calf though)
    Pros: will liven up boring black suits (I start working in July!); I don't really have anything in this size which I LOVE (8 by 9 inches)
    Cons: will the color be too hard to coordinate with stuff apart from black? Perhaps the size is too impractical?

    Please give me your opinions! They are hugely appreciated! Thanks in advance. :woohoo:
  2. #1 is neutral and will go with anything.

    Easy to dress up or down. Plus, I saw it IRL today and it's gorgeous. The gray is not at all boring and is special enough to 'pop'.

    It's really small though in the medium version. But I'm a stuff your life in your bag kinda gal! :yahoo:
  3. I like the first one a lot more. I think it'd be easier to get more use out of it because of the colour, although the green would be really nice for spring.
  4. If you are ok with owning another black bag, then I would go for the bow bag. Like Linpaddy said, that design is so easy to covert from casual to evening.

    However, if you want something different in your bag closet, then I think that acquamarina color is just the thing you need. I'm not so sure how it would look with black suits, but I think that purse will go with a lot of casual and jean wear. That color is yummy!

    For design, the bow bag gets my vote
    For color, i say yay to acquamarina

    Here's a thought.. keep both!!! :yes::P:graucho:
  5. Haha marose, if your advice is anything to go by, I just may have to keep both!

    Linpaddy, may I ask where you saw the gray in real life? I wanted to get it during the NM TwoBuyTwo event but they said they only ordered black for their stores.

    Please keep the advice coming!
  6. I love the first one! I'm dying to get one in black leather!
  7. I saw it IRL at Saks BH. Prada BH and Barneys BH also carries it. The hree stores carry it in pink, black, grey, and green.

    I also saw it in very light pink and dark purple at the Tapei 101 Prada store.

    It's quite a common design in the stores so you should eb able to call around and ask.
    Have you decided what to keep?

  8. It seems like the top bag will go with more? I would choose that one.
  9. Thanks for your reply, linpaddy. To be honest, I would love to have the gray one instead of black (that would cinch it for me, for sure) but it's too late now. :sad: Plus, I got it through the amazing NM deal so I doubt I would be able to find it again at a price like this. Either way, I'm still waiting until I see these babies in real life. But at the moment I'm leaning towards the black.

    P.S. Any chance I could do a swap (black to gray) with Saks or Prada if I have the receipt?