Which Prada are you eyeing next?

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  1. Which Prada are you stalking for next time or soon!? Share! :graucho:

    I requested my SA to see this one. I love the concept of being a backpack and look like it be worn as a tote. I’m not sure if I will pursue on the bag. But it this one or the LV Cabas Light.
    But I think I’m definitely learning toward the Prada backpack.
    the backpack I Inquired to want to check it out in person.

    Left or right...I’m learning toward the left.
  2. Left! I love LB but prefer classic monogram or DE. Is the Prada nylon or leather? Gorgeous! What's the name of this bag?
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  3. This bag is leather with nylon lining inside. It more nicer looking in person!
  4. What's the price on each one?
  5. That Prada Backpack retails for $1,750 but the LV tote is only 50 dollars more.
  6. I can't speak to the quality of new LV, since I stick with their vintage bags, but given Prada's lousy track record for making a quality product for the price, I'd go with the LV. Seems their customer service after the sale is infinitely better than Prada anyway. That alone is worth the extra $50.
  7. I seen both bags in person, I thought I was going to prefer the Prada more. But the LV kinda won my heart. I really do like the Prada backpack, I thought in my mind when trying it out...perhaps wait till Prada backpack goes on sale. :P
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  8. I’m eyeing this one but I’m not sure whether to wait until Black Friday or not. I’m worried it’ll sell really fast that day, hmm...:hrmm:

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