Which pouch for my blue Tobago Shoe Bag?

  1. my only (minor) gripe about this bag is that it doesn't have any pockets. so i need everyone's opinions and suggestions as to which one would suit it best. thanks!
  2. OOOO, pics, please!

    what color is the blue, will the blue antigua work?
  3. Yes! Pics Pics! The Tobago shoe bag is so gorgeous! :love:
  4. i think the blue antigua is more vibrant than the navy tobago but it could work =)
  5. PICS! when did u get it?
  6. et voila:

  7. Goooorgeous!! Get a mono or black mc wapity in there.
  8. Yeah.. I would get a blue Antigua Pochette Plate GM or a Damier Vaslav Trousse Toilette?
  9. woa.. really nice shoe bag.. like the colour!
  10. Wow! Love it!!!! Or azur pouchette might work too!
  11. Had to come for a second look. This bag is just pure hotness.
  12. thank for the recs guys!

    - i've thought of the Antigua Plate, but won't it be too blue?
    - i'd love a D.Vaslav trousse, but it'll take too much space.
    - im not a fan of Multicolour im afraid, so that's def out of the question.
    - im actually leaning towards a mandarin Epi pochette accessoires at the moment.
  13. Interesting! The mandarin epi would look so good with the black.
  14. its beyootiful!
  15. Nola, the color is blue on the shoe bag. >.<

    Hmmm... Yeah... Mandrin would look great with blue Tobago... :biggrin: