which pomme wallet is your favourite?

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  1. Thanks!
  2. My favorite is the Pomme ZIPPY Wallet. :biggrin:
  3. I like the Porte Tresor or Pochette Wallet (it looks like the PTI but folds open instead of down).
  4. I like the Zippy.
  5. Pochette. I almost got it but decided on the Mono Pochette mainly due to budget. The Pochette in Pomme looks stunning. You can use it as a clutch as well.
  6. French Purse. It's so yummy!
  7. FP and ludlow
  8. pochette, it's so hot!
  9. My DH bought me the french purse so I will have to say that one. I like how it has the nice gold clasp instead of a zip.
  10. pomme zippy!
  11. Definitely the zippy!!
  12. Pti.
  13. zippy
  14. The Zippy and Koala!
  15. I love the French Purse and Zippy :heart: