which pomme d amour purse???

  1. i'm in love with this color!!:heart: which purse should i buy, porte tresor international, koala or zippy wallet? i need a shoulder bag actually, but none of those attract me :crybaby: eventho i love to purchase my first vernis handbag...help me all!!
  2. Pochette wallet in Pomme d'amour?
  3. I vote for Koala wallet. It's cute. I do have PTI in monogram and don't like it much because it looks a bit boring from the outside.
  4. Could you please tell me what Pochette wallet in Pomme d'amour looks like? I have never heard of it before. Just know the Lexington one.
  5. I'm wanting the Koala..
  6. definantely the koala.. cuz the style is gorgeaus!
  7. PTI or Koala!
  8. i saw the koala yesterday at the boutique when I was picking up my cles (sorry--can't stop talking about it!) and it is lovely. I vote for that one. The gold buckle looks great with the blood red.
  9. u think so dear!!alrite..i think i might be getting koala...thanx everybody!!
  10. pochette and zippy are both nice!!! I just got a zippy in the new vernis red, LOVE it!!! It holds a TON!!!
  11. I think I would like the pochette wallet. =) I'm a person that likes to get into my wallet/cash quickly and the zip might annoy me after a while... But nevertheless it's gorgeous! :love:
  12. wow, the color looks more elegant than the framboise :yes: when it was released? Just in pouchette & wallet styles, not in city bag?
  13. Get a koala wallet and the small pochette!
  14. Pochette wallet or Koala in Pomme d'amour:heart: