Which pochette?

  1. Should I get the monogram, damier azur or damier canvas? I can't decide! I already have a azur speedy 25 so I'm not sure if I want another one. But I LOVE the azur. I don't know why, but I'm not as attracted to the monogram as I am to the azur. :sweatdrop: But I do know that I will regret getting 2 azur bags. Please help me fellow tpf members!
  2. I"d go with the darker damier. You won't have to worry about dirt and it is more versatile. Especially since you already have an Azur.
  3. I also say get the Ebene Damier. Get something a little different.
  4. I do not like Damier Ebene at all, but if I were you I would get the Damier!
  5. :yahoo:i love Ebene Damier!!!
  6. If you like the azur better get the azur! The speedy 25 and pochette are 2 completely different bags!! On the flip side, the mono pochette is Classic and timeless. It goes with EVERYTHING.
  7. I have a damier azur speedy too and I just bought the azur pochette....i really love the azur and had no hesitation in buying another azur piece! However, I also have the mono pochette, which I bought ages ago. If it's your first pochette, I say go with the mono....like melikemochi said, it's classic and timeless! I use mine ALL the time!
  8. umm....damier!
  9. Damier.
    I was going to say Damier Azur, but you already have a Speedy so regular Damier would add some variety.
  10. I like regular monogram! You can use it with anything!
  11. Everyone else is saying damier but I say mono....

    I actually, beliebe it or not, ordered a damier pochette the other day. But I returned it for a mono, after recieving it.

    I thought I'd like the damier better because the monogram is so overused but it turns out not. I asked my mothers opinion, and she said the damier looks cheap. I also think the damier canvas is just too plain looking.
  12. I really don't like regular Damier.... but I don't think you'd regret having two Azur pieces at all! I mean, you need a going out bag too, right? If you like monogram I'd also suggest monogram...
  13. Mono, have mine for 7 years now. It's a classic and you can't go wrong with a classic.
  14. I like the pochette in monogram the best.
  15. I like the Mini trunks and bags and MC White Pochette the best!