Which Pochette...?

  1. Hi everyone!
    Sorry for posting another thread (again!) but tPF and LV seem to be so ADDICTIVE!

    This time a question about a Pochette...
    I decided to get a Speedy in a couple of weeks, and since I don't really live very close to the boutique, and I already know I'm going to want a Pochette, I thought: Why not buy one immediantly?
    But now I'm thinking about which one to get... I like the Azur and the Mono ones the best. I'm going to want a mini Pochette too after a few months (for use in my Speedy, to put in my cell phone and smaller stuff) but what should I get?!

    The Azur looks a bit fresher, so I was thinking now a Pochette Azur, and after a few months a Mini Pochette Mono... But I'm not sure Azur looks that good on me.
    And, when I spend 200 bucks on a bag, I want everybody to SEE I spend 200 bucks on a bag! (Well, outsiders, not my mother :shocked:) And Azur isn't that recognizable.
    Or, should I buy a Mini Pochette now and a big one later, or buy them both later and get a wallet now, or... I'm confused.

    Need some help from experienced LV-lovers!
  2. If you want to be noticed then get the mono one. But true LV fans will know the Azur too. What type of Speedy are you getting? Mono?
  3. I have the same speedy you have (mono) and I'm seriously considering the Azur pochette. But I do like the colour of Damier.. just not the brown leather strap! I agree with jenniletv that LV lovers will notice the Azur so you have no problem there.

    I would get the Speedy first, it's probably the bag you're most likely to use straight away, I'll be getting a pochette sometime later this year :smile:
  4. Go for the Monogram one.
  5. Monogram if you want something noticeable, good starting bag.
    Azur if you want something a bit more sophisticated..I find Azur better suited as a summer bag or winter bag since it's white...
    Have you considered the Damier?

    If price is the issue, get the Pochette first. If not, go for the Speedy!!! You'll use it a lot more because of the huge size difference and you can always get Pochette later on!
  6. I'll go for the mono pochette ;)
  7. I'd go with the Azur. And trust me, there are going to be times when you DON'T want everyone to know what your bag is or who it's by.
    For example when I'm going into a crowd or somewhere where I don't know how designer bags will be perceived, I use my Damier Ebene Speedy or my Mandarin Epi Jasmin. They're known by the true LV lovers but not so much just random people who want to talk badly about what kind of bag you have.
  8. ^^Thank God for Damier in that respect! LOL. My boss at Coach looked at a pic of my new speedy and was like "oh, that's LV? it looks like a checkerboard kinda." I'm like, "goooooooood...."
  9. Yeah, I'd go with Azur too.

  10. Lol. :p