Which pochette would you choose-cherry blossom or MC white?

  1. I want a fun, cute pochette.

    Which do you like better? Cherry blossom (brown) or MC white?

  2. That's a tough choice. I would go for the cherry blossom if I had to choose since it's limited, but ideally go for both!
  3. Cherry blossom...I'd love to have all three colours!
  4. Cherry Blossom..... :love:

    I have one and :heart: :heart: :heart: it! It's a fun pochette for sure and it's gorgeous in person!
  5. Cherry Blossom!
  6. I also say cherry blossom. I have the brown one only and love it!
  7. cherry blossom!
  8. Another vote for the Cherry Blossom!
  9. wow unanimous so far...cherry blossom!
  10. Cherry Blossom...the white multicolour is nice, but it's getting to the point where EVERYONE has it!
  11. Cherry Blossom!:heart:
  12. mc white
  13. Cherry Blossom
  14. Cb!
  15. Cb.