Which pochette to buy? Your opinion please?

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  1. Dear girls/guys,
    I can't decide which pochette to pick. I know the Mono pochette is one of the most popular but I also like the Epi Pochette in either Black or Red. Can you girls/guys help?
    I know the mono pochette fits a lot more than the epi pochette but I think the Black/Red epi pochette will look so elegant going out at night.
  2. What about the Damier pochette?
  3. I would say if you need it for going out at night, then probably the black epi. But, if you need it for using always...then I'd get the mono.
  4. I like the red epi pochette. Adds flair to a simple outfit :yes:
  5. The Epi pochette is a bit stiff & not as pliable as the mono.
    If you want for every day get the mono you can't go wrong if just for an evening bag then the black Epi.
  6. I love my epi pochette.
  7. Mono Pochette. It's very versatile with any attire or event.
  8. I'd go with Damier or black Epi.
  9. I would go for red epi. I have yellow epi and I love it. It still looks good.
  10. I would pick the Mono Pochette.
  11. ITA on this one!
  12. Red Epi Pochette!!
  13. Those of you who won the Epi Pochette (any others apart from black). Do you find that the colour on the Epi starts to wear off after a while? Reason I am asking is that I have the Red Epi Compact Wallet and the edges and corners are either wearing off or it's dirt. Someone told me the same thing, her Red Epi starting to wear off too?
  14. Black epi pochette or the MC shirley :smile:
  15. I don't think the epi colors wear off. I own both the black and old red. Get the black- it is the perfect evening bag